Youtube Earning per View in Pakistan 2022

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Youtube Earning per View in Pakistan Now you’ve got it, you’re ready to start promoting and earning money. Well, here’s a quick course on creating your own video monetization strategy to help you earn money on Youtube and earn up to 85% of your advertising revenues. It’s easy!

Youtube Earning Per view in Pakistan

Here’s the official video and a few scenes from the epic video. Here’s the official promo for Sulemani Khaab. That little bugger earned a decent amount of youtube views as of today. Source: /, By the way, this particular jingle was released during an event called the “3rd Pakistan Brand Conference”.

A video of the event has surfaced on youtube and if you are a big fan of Pakistani ads/music then this is a must-watch. The video is on youtube for more than 3 hours so do watch it if you can. #1 Iqbal Saif, “Teri Moklan” – FYI. Here’s a teaser for Iqbal Saif’s brand music video.

If you haven’t heard it yet I highly suggest you watch it. #2 Sindhi Fakhri – “Insaaf” If you aren’t familiar with Fakhri’s music then just go ahead and watch his first ever music video which is also about to become his earning video this year. The entire video is from a comedy program that is very popular in Pakistan. You can

Earning revenue on Youtube

YouTube makes it incredibly easy to earn money on Youtube. Here’s a quick summary of how YouTube earns money from ads on your videos. You’ll also learn about earning revenue from YouTube with the different channels you can create in YouTube Studio. After you’ve mastered the basics you can create videos for earning money in just 10-15 minutes in YouTube Studio.

1. Finding the channels

YouTube allows you to create channels. On YouTube, you can follow channels and view videos On YouTube, you can follow channels and look at videos to learn more about different products.

Earning revenue through YouTube

The fastest way to earn revenue on YouTube is to create videos that earn you money. To earn money from your YouTube videos, create videos in YouTube Studio On YouTube, you can earn money by earning revenue from YouTube ads. You can start earning revenue in the exact way you learn in the video. First, create a YouTube channel in YouTube. You can earn up to 85% of your advertising revenues from YouTube ads.
after you create a YouTube channel in YouTube All you need to make your YouTube channel is a YouTube Creator Account and YouTube Studio. On YouTube, create videos in YouTube Studio. You can either upload your videos on or upload the videos directly to from your phone.

2. Using your YouTube channel to earn revenue

Once you have your channel created, make videos that earn you money. You can easily make money from YouTube by following YouTube’s advertising revenue tools. You earn money for creating videos on YouTube by creating videos that earn money. You can add YouTube’s YouTube Channel to your resume.
When you earn money, you’ll earn money You can easily earn revenue by creating videos and uploading them to YouTube. You can earn money by adding YouTube’s advertising revenue tools to your YouTube channel YouTube revenue tools You can find different tools on YouTube’s YouTube Channel

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