How to Find the Mobile Number of the Sim Owner?


Find the SIM Owner Name using the Pakistani mobile number for free online. Access any number’s complete information, including name, address, and location.

It goes without saying that, for a variety of reasons, people frequently select the registered owner or lost caller, as well as using the name’s specific address and phone number. But in practise, what we must realise frequently runs counter to both the law and each person’s right to privacy. Sim tracker can be used to find the name of the sim owner.

Find the Name and Address of a Mobile Number’s Owner in Pakistan

Even if they are verified accounts, the law prohibits anybody from accessing a person’s identifiable contact information. Therefore, only an approximation of the caller’s location can be shown in any web-based applications. However, there are some websites and applications that try to identify the contact by stealing their personal information from others. Live Tracker can be used to track down information about mobile numbers.look up the person’s name using their mobile number.Examine applications and exchange names, as well as address or address book personal data.

How to Find the Mobile Number of the Sim Owner?

Connect your smartphone to the public platform and enter the names.

Put the phone numbers and individuals to call in the comment sections of the website.

Public disclosure of community information

To the websites on the portal, change the name and phone number;

On the online public relations site, enter both your name and phone number.

Zong, a brand of Pakistani telecom, offers a variety of phone packages in addition to high-speed internet options. Mobilink (Jazz), one of the leading telecom firms, offers fantastic phone and internet bundles.

Find SIM Owner Details

To view SIM card owner information, select the SIM Owner Details Locator by allresult. Once your phone number has been entered, choose the Find owner Details option. That’s it. The following information, including the SIM owner’s name, address, and IP address, can be found.

Finding information on the SIM card owner’s details is safe and lawful as long as you don’t intend to use the data you collect in your search for illegal purposes.

Whatever the cause, you may use our services to identify the name or identity as well as the address of the SIM card owner. All you need to do is enter the number, and our application will safely and legally compile all of the precise information regarding the identity of the targeted user.

Obtaining SIM Owner Details using Mobile Number

Open the SIM Owner Information Finder with the name of allresult on your Android or iPhone smartphone.

Enter the mobile number associated with the SIM data you’re looking for.

After you have input the captcha code, click the box that says “Find Owner Information.”

You may then check details on the SIM card owner, including Name Address, Date of Registration, Live Location, and IP Address.

Online search for the name and phone number of the Sim owner Details Application Link

All of us have witnessed how mobile phones have changed society. However, despite several changes to apps and smartphones, one traditional component is still present on mobile phones: the SIM card. a SIM card

The Subscriber Identity Module, often known as a SIM card, is used to hold the personal data of the SIM owner as well as any associated keys. This little card, which is inserted into the phone’s tiny SIM card tray, is the most important component of a phone. To access data and make calls, a functioning SIM card is a requirement for every mobile subscriber.

Prior to that, the registration process wasn’t necessary in order to purchase SIM cards. PTA has made it mandatory for users to register their SIM cards in order to use the network due to the rising number of illicit SIM cards being used for criminal purposes.

As a means of obtaining X a second SIM card. The person buying the card must provide an original copy of their identity proof and proof of their address. There are now just five SIM cards being used under one name.

We occasionally need to upgrade or replace our SIM card. Imagine receiving a new SIM card from your loved ones. After using the card for a few days, you decide to have it changed out for another one. To be able to do this, SIM information and a number must be provided.

There are several reasons to think about utilising a mobile number tracker or determining the name of the SIM owner using a mobile number. You can be getting strange internet SMS or prank calls, or the caller might be phoning you repeatedly to bother you.

The time when getting information on the SIM details required calling the network operator and filling out legal paperwork is long gone. However, that moment is passed.

Is it Safe to Find Out Who Owns a SIM Card?

Yes! It is safe and lawful to know who the SIM card’s owner is. As we’ve already discussed, there are instances in which learning more about the caller is crucial.

The only way to identify who is phoning and why you are receiving these calls is to know their identifying number and learn whereabouts.

In this situation, the SIM Card Owner Details Finder tool may be helpful. Users can access details on the identification of the SIM card Owner.

The only thing you need to enter is the number you want to track. You’re finished! Our software will provide you with the name, registered name, address, and other personal information if you click “search.”

The entire treatment is done in the privacy of your home. There is no reason to be concerned about anyone having access to your personal information other than the owner of your SIM card. They won’t know about the that their phone number and personal information are being tracked. We don’t encourage anyone to use our service to look out someone’s address or phone number in order to engage in shady activities.

Make sure it’s not against the law to utilise a user’s personal information for an illegitimate purpose. It’s likely that you’ll get into legal trouble if you utilise this material improperly.

Name and phone number information

How to find

Each contact number in Pakistan will be assigned to and disseminated along with other power suppliers like Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, Warid, or Zong. The verification form given at the time of application will be used by the mobile network operator to confirm acquiring a SIM card in order to keep track of each caller’s name, address, and other contact information, such as their street name and ID card address.

Any Mobile Number PTA SIM Information System can be searched using the information given. If you are constantly being disturbed by an unknown person, get in touch with the pertinent motivation network and provide the police complaint.

SIM Number Details, Including Name and Address

There are two different types of characteristics to consider while looking for phone number holders: first, pressure and eagerness. If you have a special request or rationale for owning a mobile device, please contact the police station to obtain an official copy of the police complaint regarding any additional negotiations with the phone carrier.
The service provider must give the caller all the information requested, depending on their need or urgency. Obtaining the mobile phone number and address of the phone’s owner in Pakistan is a legal process. Utilize live tracker software to trace a mobile number.

By PTA, Pakistan SIM Information System

According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), a new SIM will be a larger SIM when purchased, and if the SIM owner name needs to be changed or the SIM needs to be changed for another reason, the change must be verified using a biometric verification system (BVS) in Pakistan after NADRA has been verified online. Only the maximum number of SIMs per CNIC are currently allowed, not more.

After the biometric test, make sure to take ownership of your SIM; if the sales representative refuses to do so, you must first appeal. The sales channel that was visited needs to be aware of your CNIC number, the visit’s date, your name as the sales channel, and the company’s address. Using a sim data system, you can report the complaint straight to PTA.

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